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The Big Print Plan


How It Works

Once you have chosen your machines and they have been delivered and installed, you will be issued with a machine bill on the 25th of every month for the duration of the 36 month contract.

This bill is inclusive of a fully comprehensive maintenance contract which covers you for any and all hardware problems that may occur, including faulty printheads.

Our technical support team is always on hand should you have any software issues, and they can even control your PC or Mac remotely to help you get back up and printing.

Say goodbye to buying ink cartridges! With the Big Print Plan, we simply take a meter reading from your machine and bill you at the end of every month for the ink you have used.

When your printer is running low on ink or maintenance cartridges, it automatically notifies us and we dispatch a replacement to arrive with you before you've even run out.

The printers also notify us when errors occur in real-time, so we can monitor potential problems and perhaps even fix them before they cause your machine to fail.

Ease Your Cash-Flow


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